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Kate Editor on OpenBSD for Programming

Kate Editor on OpenBSD for Programming.

Kde kate text editor features snippets advanced autocompletion on kate

snippets feauture that i love in kate text editor.

Kate editor - focusing terminal by shortcut

A very wanted feature to focus/defocus terminal panel in kate is finally there! Kate 18.08.3 Thanks to kde developers, now ...

Kate (KDE editor)

Text preview and minimap on scrollbar.

Kate introduces Mashov's Text Editor

THis video is part of a Moodle workshop on how to use Moodle.

Piping Standard Output in the Terminal to the Kate Text Editor

In this video I show you how to create a bash script and an alias that is prepended to a Command issued in the Terminal in Linux ...

Kate Snowdon, Sub Editor

Filmed for Discovery Education UK, for an audience of secondary school students. Copyright Discovery Education.

KDE Kate and Okular are now on Windows 10 Store!!

So, apart apps like Krita, we now get some of the desktop KDE apps on Windows 10 Store! and specially Okular is pretty needed!

Using kate as your C++ editor [Malayalam][not English]

This video helps you setup your development environment which is an essential part of learning any programming language.

Kate 5.0 from "Project Neon KDE Frameworks 5" for Kubuntu 14.04 daily 13/09/2014

Kate 5.0 from "Project Neon KDE Frameworks 5" for Kubuntu 14.04 daily 13/09/2014.

Cпонтанные заметки от автора №1

Спонтанный подкаст от автора. Он может быть станет регулярным - всё зависит от вас! ------------------------------↓Читайт...

Редактирование PKGBUILD при установке пакета из AUR через yaourt

Я покажу когда может быть полезно редактирование PKGBUILD когда вы собираете пакет из ArchLinux User Repository.

Other "Dolphin" and "Kate" options, all working 'topper'..!

More investigation, and more solutions to rectify the issues that the latest incarnations of 'Dolphin' and 'Kate' bring to the ...

Обновлюсь ли я до KDE Frameworks 5.29?

Донат на оплату хостинга http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/webtvcms.

Open folder with kate

simple service menu for kde4 to open your folder with kate, it opens only text files. of course linux only ...

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