Видео: IDroo's Main Tools (part 1)

IDroo's Main Tools (part 2)

A quick demonstration of the sharing, chat and uploading tools in IDroo.

How to use idroo

Online One-to-One Maths Tuition with Janet Eifridt - how to use IDroo and Skype.

Openboard - Using the Applications

Openboard is a FREE alternative to Smartboard and other interactive whiteboard software. This video shows some of the built in ...

IT 648 Idroo Tutorial

IT 648 Idroo Tutorial.

eTeaching Techniques and Tools - Part 1 (Using Skype and Idroo)

Welcome to the fifth video of Al-ilm Online Teaching Academy e Learning Video Series. This video explains about the the first ...

How To Use SmoothDraw 4 0 5

How To Use SmoothDraw 4 0 5.

урок 1 IDroo

установка плагина к скайпу.

Instruction on Idroo

This video renders the general tool - Idroo for the live chat session for the course.

What a SKYPE MATH TUTORING session with me is like

SKYPE MATH TUTORING IS A PIECE OF CAKE. Book a session here: https://www.sagemathtutoring.com/contact !

twiddla basics

a basic tutorial video on the features and usage of twiddla.com. 1. Start a meeting 00:00 2. Giving yourself a name 00:40 3.

LiveBoard - PDF Support & Recording Lessons

Did you know you can import multipage PDF files in your board, draw on them and erase your entries without losing its original ...

Electa Demo.avi

Techmodi has integrated E-lecta Live as a virtual classroom and Web conferencing real-time environment for live teaching and ...

Skype + Tablet PC = Virtual Tutor, How To

I did some experimenting with Skype Sharing of Desktop and my Tablet PC. Here is video from my HD camcorder showing the ...

Openboard - Using the Interactive Features

Openboard is a free alternative to smartboard and other interactive whiteboard tools. This video demonstrates some of the ...

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