Видео: FF & KH ---- Gackt - Noesis

GACKT - Noesis

GACKT - Noesis (Diabolos concert) DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of this music nor images. This was strictly made for ...

FF/SH/KH Gackt - Longing

Ok, so my last few videos actually had a storyline. This one has no storyline, but I still think it turned out ok. Agreed?

Noesis [GACKT // PB★Cover] Female Ver.

Hello everyone! Unfortunately this is not a 10.000 subs thank you video but just another one of me singing again~ I'm still working ...

Kingdom Hearts- Gackt- Lust for Blood

A video I made for my personal Special person for there 18th B-day. ♥ Hope you enjoy! I own nothing. (THIS MEANS THAT I ...

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core : Noesis

Music: Noesis- Gackt Camui Ending Credits: Kremlin Dusk - Utada Hikari Side Notes: Needed to be uploaded, so I finally got ...


Fecha: 12/09/2013 Artista: Gackt Canción: Noesis Album: Diabolo.

Gackt Dears FF Versus fanmade

So uuuuuunnnnnddddd noch ein video mit suuuupppeeerrr bildern^^ und nem geilen soundtrack.......... pls enjoyyyyyy.

Gackt - Noesis Cover by Project7

Noesis cover live by Project 7, Sorry the sound quality isn't enough good some times. www.myspace.com/project7army.

Final Fantasy AC - Gackt - Ash

its a music video about final fantasy, made by: ME XD.

"noesis" Cover [Gackt]

Please click here to visit my new channel: j-pop covers, k-pop, vocaloid & more!

Noesis Live

Gackt's Noesis from his Diabolos Tour. Disclaimer: Me own nothing. I am just merely sharing this with you all ^^ No copy right ...

~ºRegret ~Gackt Solo~ Previewº~ FFvXIII & CC: FFVII

Gackt - Regret (Intrumental solo) With Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII SnetimentalSnow.

Kingdom Hearts AMV- Gackt

Kingdom hearts AMV. Song-Lu:Na by Gackt.

FF and Kh chat part 1

Plz be nice to me this is my first vid :) I do not own anything!

Square Enix Panic!! The AMV... Gackt - GHOST

A KIRA Project Production. Video from FF X, FF X-2, FF VII CC, FF VII, FF VIII, KH, KH 2, KH COM, KH BBS, KH FM.

Final Fantasy VII - Gackt

This is my first AMV. I have connected Final Fantasy VII with Lust for blood by Gackt.

FF & KH ---- Yuki's Theme (Piano)

This is an AMV with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. The song is called: Yuki's Theme (piano) As you guys can see, I removed ...

Storm - Gackt (Lyric Video)

Hope you enjoy the lyric video I made for a great japanese song :) Disclaimer! I dont own this :(

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